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The Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center (EMARC) is part of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. EMARC is dedicated to educating students in petroleum geology. Established in 1988, EMARC is one of the main centers in the United States that trains graduate students in petroleum geosciences. We have state-of-the art research facilities and a complementary graduate curriculum. This web site illustrates the activities of EMARC.

Research Program ::

In 1991, we began conducting industry sponsored research consortia under the aegis of EMARC. The program goals are to:

  1. Train students in current concepts and technology within a team-oriented environment; to provide students an early competitive advantage in their careers;
  2. Form strategic alliances and contractural relationships with industry, government agencies, and other research funding organizations; and
  3. Conduct high-quality, leading-edge geologic exploration and development research, applicable to the present and future needs of the petroleum industry.

EMARC has conducted several major industry wide, research consortia and projects including:

Gulf of Mexico Consortia (directed by Paul Weimer; June 1992-May 1996, June 1996-May 1999, October 1999-May 2003),

Perdido Foldbelt Consortium (a private consortium; June 1994-June 1996),

Marginal-marine Siliciclastic Reservoirs Consortium (directed by Andy Pulham; 1996-2000),

Several consortia are directed by Matt Pranter that focus on reservoir geosciences. Click Here to link to Matt Pranter's website to review his research programs, teaching, students, publications, and other information.

AVID Consortia - Analysis of Variability in Dolomites focused on the origin and distribution of petrophysical and geochemical properties in dolomite reservoirs through analysis of outcrop analogs (directed by David Budd and Matt Pranter; May 2005-April 2007, May 2007-April 2009),

and a research project focused on the structural characterization of a petroleum reservoir associated with a meteroite impact (directed by Paul Weimer; 2006-2008).

Students trained through these consortia currently work for various companies in several countries. Companies include Agip, Aspect, BP, Caltex, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Ecopetrol, El Paso, EnCana, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Noble Energy, PDVSA, PEMEX, Prima Energy, and Shell. Countries include the United States, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Venezuela, and UK.

Several former research scientists and students now hold prominent positions in academia and industry.

Several former research scientists have been Distinguished Lecturers with professional societies.

Each fall, several petroleum companies recruit at CU. We are most grateful to these companies, and we encourage additional companies to recruit at the University of Colorado.

For students interested in studying at CU: The teaching and research programs are designed to give our students a competitive advantage early in their careers. We are most interested in mature, highly motivated students who wish to pursue careers in the industry. Please see the Geology Department Website for application materials.

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