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Paul Weimer

Bruce D. Benson Endowed Chair
Director - Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center (EMARC)
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder

E-mail: paul.weimer@colorado.edu
Phone: 303-492-3809

Research Interests

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Selected Recent Publications

Books written

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Entire issues of refereed journals dedicated to my research

Selected papers from 1998-Present

Refereed papers, in press

Book in preparation for an RMAG Special Publication

AAPG President Activities: 2011-2012

AAPG Presidential Short Course, 1/2 day, "The Petroleum Industry In The Next Decade: An Overview to the Science, Techonology, and AAPG."

2004 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course: 1 day, "The Petroleum Systems of Deep-water Settings."

2001 Esso Australia Distinguished Lecturer Short Course: 1.5 day short course "Petroleum Systems of Deep-water Settings."

1998-1999 AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Honors and Awards

Selected Recent Professional Society Work (1997 - Present)